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Single site listing websites are now gaining in popularity. The Golik Group has been doing this for years! In fact, The Golik Group was the first real estate team in the nation to use "Search Specific" websites for each of their luxury listings. This marketing program is now being used by other top luxury agents in the US!

The Golik Group works with the top luxury agents in Seattle, Portland, Austin and other areas and these agents are the only agents to use an exclusive "Search Specific" website for each of their higher-end listings! Why do they do this do this? To give your home the most possible exposure and to make it stand out from the other hundreds of homes on the market. Go ahead search on Google or Bing for "Portland luxury homes" or maybe "Portland luxury condos" What about "Dunthorpe luxury homes".The results are pretty impressive! The Golik Group marketing team created this unique marketing program because over 85% of home buyers now begin their home buying journey on the internet. We want these buyers to see YOUR home! These top luxury agents are the elite members in the Northwest for, the pros in online luxury marketing!

Most agents will tell you that they will market your home on the internet and it will be seen all over the world! The fact is, although an agent may put your home on their corporate website, it will be mixed in with hundreds of other homes. A typical buyer may have to perform 60 to 200 clicks before they ever find your home (If they even find your home). In other words, it's not going to stand out from the others. If an agent tells you your home will be placed on one of the national websites like or, the same holds true.

While many tech savvy agents may spend much time and money marketing themselves and their personal website online, we prefer to spend money and time marketing YOUR home.

Many agents now say they will have an exclusive website built for your listing. The problem, nobody sees them! Why is this? Most are built with the address as the domain name. Nobody is going to search for These are also temporary websites that never gain traction on the all important search engines.


If you would like more information on the Golik Group's marketing program give them a call today! The Golik's marketing program is now being used by successful luxury agents in other parts of the country.


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